Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Is Title Insurance and Why Am I Paying For It?

What is title insurance and why am I paying for it? This is a question that is asked a lot at the closing table. The easiest way to explain why you might need title insurance is to give you an example of what CAN happen.

Detroit News Editorial.....Autism Insurance Bills

The following is a link to an "Editorial Rebuttal" written by Stephanie Harlan ( printed in the Detroit News on 12/21).

Customer Acquisition Officer (Insurance Services)

Title: Customer Acquisition Officer (Insurance Services); Company name: HANG SENG BANK; Qualification: University / College; Experience: 2 years; Work Location: Hong Kong; Date: 17-DEC-07.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ohio auto insurance

Reader’s Question:. Can I change my car insurance in Ohio while my car is registered in the state of Texas? Kris. Thank you for asking Kris.

Pet insurance

All dogs go to heaven. Now owners can collect. (more…)

Tomko's Likely Return is Starter Insurance

Kevin Towers expects to sign Brett Tomko, according to the Union-Tribune's Tom Krasovic:. Padres GM Kevin Towers said he expects to sign free agent Brett Tomko for a bullpen spot.

Personal Mortgage Insurance

Private mortgage insurance can be a benefit to each borrower. However, borrowers need to embody cautious when entering into agreements which include personal mortgage insurance.